Thursday, February 22, 2007 Stopping Vista adoption by promoting free software

+ El Reg's review (FUD & FUN) :

Vista first look: Bugs and confusion

"So, there's our first look at Vista. It does benefit from a lot of good ideas, many of them Apple's, of course, but good nevertheless. It simply doesn't work very well, unfortunately. There are serious problems with execution; it's not polished; it's not ready. It should not be on the market, and certainly not for the outrageous prices being charged. Don't buy it, at least until after the first service pack is out. Don't pay to be a beta tester. ®"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tekno & Hardtek
sound support by Obada

live act:
Gimmeapill_EKOx6TM /fr/
KEYGEN_kaotic /fr/

OVČÁRY - Mělník area
Hospoda M.Feigla

---- Cool Obada Party ----